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Founded in April 2013 and the first of its kind. A bricks and mortar bike rental kiosk in the heart of the city. We’re just 5 minutes away from City Hall MRT station and within a 1.5km radius of many of Singapore’s latest iconic locations and attractions. Nearby and within walking distance to more than a dozen hotels in the downtown core and friendly staff to answer your questions.

  • 01 Cycling In Singapore

    Singapore is connected via a series of park connectors all over that allows access everywhere. In fact you can cycle to the four corners of the island all within a day. Check here for more info at National Parks Board.

  • 02 Who We Are

    A dedicated and happy bunch of people who love cycling and who love sharing information, stories and updates about cycling in Singapore City.

  • 03 Our Achievements

    We’ve assisted and held events for some organization’s since we started operations in April 2013.

Our Achievementsbest routes in town

  • June 2013. Singapore and Malaysia Sports Council

    We supported an event organised by the Singapore Sports Council. This yearly event takes place with the staff of both countries sharing and competing together in cycling and boating activities this year to foster better understanding and relations between the two nations. We led and escorted the participants throughout the event. It was a fun and challenging experience for all

  • March 2014. I Am Speciable

    In March this year we supported a Charity event, I am Speciable. An event that promotes awareness of Cerebral Palsy and Autism. For the past several years this cycling event was held in Changi Coastal Park area. This year the CEO of I Am Speciable held it at the Singapore Recreation Club, Connaught Drive and roped us in to provide the bicycles and lead the group on this charity ride. This event was strongly supported by the SIA cabin crew and their family members and friends.The event was a success and achieved its targets. There are plans by the organisers to hold a bigger event for 2015 next year.

  • May 2014. Herbalife VIP Ride

    In May 2014. We were approached by Herbalife Singapore to coordinate a mini cycling event for a VIP group. This ride took the participants on a ride around the Marina Bay areas. Michael O Johnson, CEO of Herbalife rode out with the team of Area and Regional Managers on this epic ride.