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Who We Are

Everything begins with a fleeting idea and a dream. Its been 3 years of dreaming and taking one step at a time. A lot like someone who’s learning how to cycle for the first time, do i put my right or left leg on the pedal? So I push forward with which leg now? Should I lean more to the left or right. What do I do if I want to stop? Never-ending and Nerve-wracking questions. With the constant worry that you’ll fall or crash into a tree or into a drain or at worst into a car or person. Taking all that into account, we took a leap of faith and just adjusted as we went along. There’s no one answer that solves a particular problem but a combination of experiences with some minor adjustments.

Having said that we would like to thank all our family and friends for believing and supporting us from day one. Yes, there were some who gave up half way and those who became disillusioned but we can’t really fault them for that. Everyone has a demon which manifests itself as a fear or a doubt which can be tamed and managed with the right knowledge, information and pool of colleagues with the right mindset and positive thinking. This latter criteria is crucial in any business or business relationship.

The Bicycle Hut will always be the first of my ideas albeit not a favourite idea then but one that always raised the question in my heart, “What if I tried and Succeed?” I’m finding out every day now :)

Kamal Ishnin
CEO and Founder
The Bicycle Hut LLP
“The Best Routes are the Ones you Haven’t Ridden”
“The best moments in life are the ones you haven’t experienced yet” 10394488_10152516901752363_2882930900968108493_n