"Excite, Impress, Inspire" bike rental in the city


  • hourly rates

    Hi Folks, Please proceed to our facebook page to book your bicycles and take advantage of the promotions that we’ve listed there.


    1) $12 for 1 hour for Schwinn and Raleigh bikes.

    2) $20 for 2 to 3 hours for Schwinn and Raleigh bikes.

    3) Fixies are $13 per hour and $25 for 2 to 3 hours.

    4) Fat-bikes are at $15 an hour and $35 for two to three hours.

    4) Additional $10 per hour after the 3rd hour for all bikes.

    5) Child Seats at $20 per hour and $40 for 2 to 3 hours. Additional  $10 per hour after 3rd hour.

    6) Tandem or double seater bikes at $20 per hour and $38 for 2 to  3 hours. Additional $10 per hour after 3rd hour.

    Accessories: Lights, Basket. Locks, Helmets @ $2 each. *12 hour and 24 hour rates enjoy free use of accessories.

  • daily rates

    1) $45 for whole day. From 10am till 8pm or 7pm till 10am.*

    2) $55 for 24-hour rates. Collect bike and return the bike at the         same time next day.*

    3) $65 for Fat-bikes – 10am – 8pm or 8pm to 10am.                                  $75 for 24 hours. Return same time next day.

    4) All accessories  included for whole day and 24 hour rates.

    * does not apply to child seat and tandems. For group cycling trips and corporate rides please email: info@bicyclehut.com.sg . We will respond to you soonest possible.

  • Guided tours

    A group of between 2-10.
    Lead by a licensed tourist guide this 2,3 or 4 hour journey will take you around town with stories both fact and myth on Singapore’s history in the last 300 years. Hear the story of the Merlion and the rickety bridge at Boat Quay. Take in the beauty of the famous Padang on a morning ride and stopover at Esplanade Theatres on the Bay for a bite. Get all your olfactory senses tingled as you take in the sight, sounds and aroma and all the offerings of this tiny city-state. We guarantee that you’ll be enthralled on this bike trip. Since Singapore is in the Tropics two things are for sure on your tour. The SUN & the RAIN. So take note of our ever changing weather conditions and be realistic alright as the Guide cannot help/change the weather conditions. Rain ponchos, a bottle of mineral water each are included during the ride. Our advise, have a light breakfast before you start cycling with us.

    Daily Day Tours : 8.30am  and  2.00pm

    Duration: Approximately 4 HOURS


    Duration: Approximately 2 HOURS

    Contact us for tour rates or get referred to other bike tour companies in town. 

  • terms & conditions

    Terms and Conditions for bicycle rental:


    1) By signing/ initializing in our record books. The customer is responsible for his/her own safety and must follow all traffic regulations in Singapore and hereby releases the bike operator from any responsibility/ liability for any injuries that may happen to the customer during the bike rental period leading up to death.

    2)The customer must physically check the condition of the item rented with the assistance of the staff before cycling off. Once the customer rides out he/she  hereby agrees to accept any charges that may occur to any damages/flat tires to the bicycle during the rental period.

    3) Surrender of I.D/ Passport/ Driver’s license or Room Key card( Tourist’s only) is compulsory for rental.

    4) Customers that wish to extend their cycling time must call back to the rental kiosk in advance. Failure to do so will result in an additional surcharge of $10 on top of the cycling charges.

    5) A flat tire charge ( $10 for 20″ 24″ 26″ normal tubes, $15 for Fat – bike tubes) takes place after the customer has cycled for at least 10 minutes.

    6) All bikes must be back by the stipulated closing time. Additional charges apply for returns after closing time. $15 additional per hour after Closing time.

    6) Pedal/ Pedal Guard damage at $10 each per part

    7) Basket damage/ missing at $13 each

    8) Lost key/ lock at $10 each

    9) Bicycle derailleur damage at $35 each

    10) Damaged/ missing lights at between $5 – $15

    11) Broken/ Damaged brakes at $15 each

    12) Bicycle frame Lost/ damage from $150 – $1,400 subject to bicycle type.  Refer as follows:

    a) $150 for Fixie,  $180 for Vintage mamachari

    b) $$350 for Raleigh, $450 for Schwinn

    c) $800 for Fat-bikes, $1,400 for Tandem 2 seaters

    d) $300 for all other type of bicycles.